Basildon Borough Council

client testimonial

EMS' quality and professional approach has become evident.  It is their attention to detail which is setting them apart.

Clint Borley (Planned Works Manager- Basildon Borough Council)


Most of the Council housing's communal heating and water systems had previously been in place since the buildings were built.  After two decades, the galvanised water tanks and old boilers were more than ready to be replaced.  EMS had to work with The Council to embark upon a three year improvement plan, to fit in with budget constraints, but also ensured their most vulnerable tenants were kept warm and had safe water services.


After 2 months of taking over the heating and communal hot water contract, EMS produced a detailed health check report listing all their boilers, cylinders, water tanks and controls systems on all of their sites.  The report not only included important photographs but also contained specific priority scores and budget costs.


The Council were able to channel their resources to the areas they were needed most.  The systems that would benefit from plant upgrades were targeted first and, where this was not possible, maintenance measures were taken to lessen the chances of plant failure until funds could be made available.  Over a three year period, the Council benefitted from a significant reduction in main plant failures whilst reducing their energy bills.

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