Commercial Property

We cover the installation, service and maintenance of your commercial properties. Commercial properties cover a wide range of building types and uses. At EMS we have the depth and breadth of experience to provide you with the complete solution from initial design to ongoing maintenance programs. 


Since we were formed, EMS has been working in commercial properties. We relish the challenges that each different building presents and are able to put our unique stamp of quality and workmanship on projects.  Our adaptable engineering expertise enables skills to be transferred effectively across the diverse building types and uses of commercial buildings.

Service & Maintenance

Factories, warehouses and production facilities - we have the expertise to provide service and maintenance cover with our own fully qualified and experienced staff.  Alongside our supply chain partners we can undertake routine inspections, compliancy certification and, of course, emergency response to all building services from sprinkler systems to access barriers.  We ensure our works don't disrupt your operations optimising your uptime.