Air Conditioning

Our team of Engineers install and service the full range of air conditioning and chillers. The F Gas regulations are designed to minimise the impact refrigerants have on global warming. Our Air Conditioning Engineers are F Gas certified and we can provide both the professional service and necessary documentation for you to meet your obligations.  


Where a building has no central air conditioning plant, our air conditioning department can design and install chillers (packaged or independent air conditioning systems) including the latest VRV systems. These can provide both heating and cooling in an extremely energy efficient way. We also replace older systems containing R22 refrigerant with modern, environmentally friendlier alternatives. 

Service & Maintenance

Regular leak checks are now required on air conditioning systems where the equivalent CO2 threshold has been met.  We calculate equivalent CO2 levels and tailor the maintenance visits to suit.  Our Engineers have the latest tools, training and equipment to ensure your air conditioning systems are running at their optimum efficiency. All maintenance is undertaken to meet your specification or the industry standard SFG20.